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Chief Real Estate is a real estate valuation leader in Utah. We specialize in residential real estate appraisals in the Utah market and have completed thousands of appraisals. We have completed work from Utah to Cache Counties and East to Uintah County. Our goal is to add value to the customer by utilizing superior industry technology, customer service to exceed your expectation, accurate appraisals and turn times that will “turn your head”. Dax Gurr, the “Chief” appraiser in our office, has been an appraiser for over 15 years. Mr Gurr, has the experience and education to help you solve your real estate problem. He a Masters of Business Administration. He owns numerous properties, is an active real estate investor and is ethically bound to provide an unbiased opinion of value.

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Determining a vacant lot value

January 29, 2019

When determining the value of a lot there are numerous issues that need to be addressed including ensuring the lot appraised is the correct property.  This can be an issue when the lot is landlocked and does not have access to the street. This is especially true when the lot is being subdivided and not […]

When is the best time to sell?

January 18, 2019

Recently I purchased a home as an investment with the intention of remodeling the house and then selling it. I purchased it in early November and after thinking about it, I realized that for the past 3 years the market has increased significantly around May to July. I remember talking to fellow appraisers about purchases […]